kirsty chau's works

Hoi-Yee Chau (also known as Kirsty), a UK-based artist, specializes in ink-on-paper portraits. She has been the finalist of several art competitions including the Summer Exhibition of Royal Academy of Arts (UK), The Discerning Eyes (UK), Neo Artprize (UK), Schwartz Gallery (UK), Hong Kong Art Prize (HK) and Eileen Chang Painting Award (HK).

Kirsty uses psychoanalytic theories to research the viewing experience, identification and subjectivity of Split Portraiture.

She received a PhD in Fine art from University of Reading under the supervision of Professor Rachel Garfield.

Before her PhD, she was awarded an MA in Drawing (Distinction) from University of the Arts London and a BA in Fine Art (Distinction) from RMIT University in Australia. She also received psychology training in Hong Kong.